The Science Behind LifeClick™

The Science

If you’re seeking a natural approach to health and wellness that is scientifically sound and clinically effective, the LifeClick™ software system is an excellent choice. Physicians and computer scientists developed the system to create better and more consistent recommendations for supplementation, eating plans and exercise.  Your personalized plan is generated by “expert” software that uses artificial intelligence to draw conclusions based on answers to questions regarding:

  • Age
  • Height and Weight (BMI)
  • Family History
  • Personal History
  • Surgical History
  • Dietary Preferences
  • Current Physical Status (including symptoms)
  • Laboratory Results and Testing
  • Goals and Interests

After analyzing thousands of variables from the online questionnaire, the software develops a personalized plan including:

  • Personal Health Monitor – The body systems that need immediate attention
  • Quick Scan – Where to begin
  • Eating Plan – Which foods to enjoy or avoid maximizing health goals
  • Precision Nutrition Plan – Exactly which supplements are important for the current health status and ongoing avoidance of disease
  • Precision Fitness Plan – Stretching, cardiovascular, and resistance training plans specifically designed according to exercise history, ability, and goals. Maximal and training heart rate, duration of exercise, and precise rest periods are the essential components that produce benefit in this plan.
  • Updates and History Tracking – A new report can be generated every month with updated nutrition and exercise plans that track improving health conditions.
  • Doctors’ Notes – Targeted nutritional supplements, lab tests, and treatment recommendations give health professionals a variety of innovative solutions that may not be part of traditional medical thinking.

The system is not designed to replace traditional medical care.  The system focuses on health improvement through lifestyle and nutrition. The traditional medical approach relies heavily on the diagnosis of disease with specialized drug and surgical treatment for each condition.  LifeClick™ relies on a “whole-person” model that evaluates all of the body’s systems as they relate to each other to enhance “self-healing” capability.  This “body-mind” approach has been partially developed in complementary, integrative or alternative medicine practices. LifeClick™ takes the next logical step combining all of the available information from the scientific literature, patients and health professionals to create comprehensive lifestyle planning precisely tailored to an individual’s status at the exact time the system is engaged.  This functional approach creates a positive sense of well-being as well as profound changes in biochemistry that allow for optimal genetic expression.