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LifeClick™ is the first interpretive health record.  Our patent pending technology leverages sophisticated algorithms and artificial intelligence to correlate patient’s symptoms and laboratory evaluations to create a predictive analytic medical record that is fully documented in an attractive digital format.  Time savings exceed 50% in a traditional practice environment creating dramatic cost savings and improved outcomes.  Over 50,000 users have accessed the system in the last 15 years which has helped in continually refining accuracy and establishing value.

LifeClick™ is:

  • Personalized health assessment
  • Customized health and wellness
  • Based on validated questionnaires
  • HIPPA Compliant
  • Patent-pending, powerful and proven to produce results!

LifeClick™ is in a class of its own:

  • Patient-generated, comprehensive review of systems
  • Past history documented and archived
  • Functional medicine algorithm
  • Predictive assessment of all systems
  • Federal and State legal compliance

What makes LifeClick™ different?

  • Functional and integrative medicine focus
  • It uses scientific data to build natural health solutions
  • It’s fast, accurate and customized to each individual
  • It tracks improvement with sophisticated graphics
  • Health professionals and patients partner in health and wellness planning
  • Open notes allow patient’s full participation

About LifeClick™

Meet EVA, Your Personal
Expert Virtual Assistant
  • Make great decisions based on accurate feedback.
  • Save time and money by automating repetitive tasks.
  • Let your patient really partner with you!

Dr. James J. Mahoney, has been practicing integrative medicine for over 30 years. He laid the groundwork in 2003 and created the LifeClick™ system to simplify the process of seeing patients at Dr. J Regenerative Medicine in Southlake, Texas. LifeClick™ was developed through years of research and input from the brightest medical and scientific minds in the health and wellness industry. Created with the patient as the focal point, LifeClick™ empowers people to understand and take responsibility for their wellbeing. LifeClick™ is the next generation in optimal health, wellness and deep healing. Join us in our quest to “Empower the world to be well!”

Learn About The Science Behind LifeClick™

Overall Health Score Graph
Maximize Income
New patient and complex follow-up visits require less than half the time and patients are far better evaluated through an interface that streamlines documentation.
Fully Integrated
From scheduling to billing and checkout, the system is fully integrated into the complete healthcare experience.  Primary, functional and preventive medicine are all integrated into the LifeClick™ process.  From an administrative perspective — the system can track inventory, run reports on services and patients, and perform all normal billing functions and scheduling.  It’s so easy that employees can be trained in a day.


Quick & Complete Documentation
A cloud-based system is used to superimpose two dozen validated questionnaires to create a medical record that accurately reflects the patient’s status. Past history, current status and laboratory work are included in the algorithm.
Cloud Based & HIPAA Compliant
LifeClick™ is fully HIPAA compliant and can be readily accessed from any location without the need for onsite servers and IT equipment that needs updating.  At the bedside, in the home, or in the clinic, LifeClick™ is a capable 24-hour assistant.
Easy To Customize
Each system can be modified to reflect each practitioner’s personal preference for patient care and style practice.  Content management systems are easy and intuitive for physician and staff.
Artificial Intelligence
Sophisticated algorithms have been developed over the past 15 years to integrate the patient’s symptom status, past history and laboratory data to develop probability scores of health challenges and overt disease.  Providers are offered a graphic presentation of vulnerable body systems in an easily accessible format that accelerates decision-making beyond anything previously available.


LifeClick™ has helped countless patients take control of their health, wellness and fitness.
Read the testimonials below to see how LifeClick™ can help you:

“I can’t waste my time and money with a trial and error system for making decisions about my health. LifeClick takes all the guesswork out.”

Maureen - New Hampshire

“As a cancer survivor I want to make sure I have a plan that is really going to work. With LifeClick I know exactly what to do – and my doctor agrees!”

Bobby - Texas

“I love that I get a text when my lab results are in and any follow-up needed. I can then go right to my LifeClick account and view my report.”

Jenny - Texas

“I had an appointment with a specialist and when I arrived they said they would not be able to see me because they had not received a radiology report.  I was able to pull up my report on my phone and show the specialist and was able to keep my appointment!”

Tyler - Texas

“Making decisions about which supplements to take is simple now. I just do my wellness scan and the answers are right there!”

Peg - Pennsylvania

“I’ve lost 80 pounds and gotten my life back”

Al - Dallas, TX

“For the first time in years I feel good again. I know exactly what I need to do… and I’m doing it!”

Linda - Tulsa, OK

“I can’t imagine how they figured all this out but I’m sure glad they did.”

Marilyn - Chandler, AZ

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LifeClick™ has given us the ability to bring patients higher levels of health and more professional satisfaction than ever before. I would like to offer you my personal invitation to experience LifeClick™ and see how it will improve your practice and your life.  If you’re committed to providing the highest level of care available, you’re certain to find that LifeClick™ is your “game changer.”

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There is no need for on-site servers or confusing IT equipment to keep updated. LifeClick™ is stored on redundant servers exceeding HIPAA security measures. Have peace of mind knowing your records are safe and accessible when you need them.
Give control back to your patient. Patients can have access to their medical records, billing invoices, labs, supplement store, and their health status. This helps alleviate constant phone calls for record requests.
As a physician, wouldn’t you like to see labs graphed for you? This helps find diagnosises faster and keep you from getting bogged down. See what you want at glance with our intuitive graphs and lab reports.